At the Socha Company, our sales team works to connect heating and plumbing equipment manufacturers with the companies and businesses that need them most. By utilizing the unique knowledge specific to the industry, our sales team provides the solutions needed by engineers, contractors, plumbers, and anyone else in need of superior heating and plumbing equipment. From large scale industrial projects to mom-and-pop companies, the Socha Company has the customer service and knowledge to ensure your product reaches the desired market, and that your customer base continues to grow as a result.


No matter how good a product is, there will eventually be times when technical support is needed by those who use it. Through our unsurpassed commitment to knowing the unique characteristics and aspects of the products we sell, the Socha Company is able to provide concise and effective technical support to our customers in need. In doing so, we ensure that our customers’ businesses run smoothly, and that the technical support of our manufacturers’ products match the quality of their construction.


An excellent product can be rendered useless if it can’t be found by those who need it. Through our combination of extensive product knowledge, as well as an understanding of the latest marketing strategies, the Socha Company increases the visibility of your product through the outlets your customers use most. By utilizing a company that knows your products and the industry inside and out, you can be sure your marketing strategy is maximized for the best return possible, and that no effort is wasted marketing to those who have no need for your product.